Connection and Social Action

Lori Michelle White-Sanders, BA,MBA,AST; Licensed Funeral Director, Licensed Embalmer - Connection Committee Chairman 

From the exceedingly early years, even before incorporation, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority recognized the importance of engaging in political and social action. Thus, our rich history of being a major force to address societal concerns regarding the social, political and economic status of African Americans began. In 1980, the 20th International President, Barbara Phillips appointed an ad hoc committee to study public-policy issues and report to the Directorate on a regular basis.


First International Vice President Faye B. Bryant drafted and presented the first public policy plan at the 1980 Boule in Atlanta, Georgia. Delegates to the 1980 Boule, agreeing that there was a need for a formal commitment to impact public policy as it affects African Americans, voted that the Connection Committee would be the ninth Standing Committee of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.® International President Phillips appointed Freddie L. Groomes, Chairman of the first International Connection Committee.


The Committee is composed of a chairman and a representative from each Region. Each International President s has challenged our membership to develop programs within their chapters that focus on public issues and policies which have an impact on the African American community. 



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